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Make sure to pre-register at bottom of page

DGSC will be hosting a Vintage Clay Target Tournament. This is an all gauge event open to side by side and pump action guns. The tournament will consist of 100 targets divided into 25 Vintage Skeet targets, 25 5-Stand targets, and 50 Sporting Clay targets.

When:Sunday June 30th, 2019 -> 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Handicaps for Gauges:

  • 12 gauge: 0 targets / 100 targets
  • 16 gauge: 4 targets / 100 targets
  • 20 gauge: 5 targets / 100 targets
  • 28 gauge: 7 targets / 100 targets
  • 410 bore: 9 targets / 100 targets


  • Skeet targets will be on a zero to 3 second delayed release with a low gun starting position. This requires the heel of the butt to be below the armpit when the target is called for. Guns cannot be mounted until the target is thrown.
  • The remaining 75 targets (5 Stand and Sporting Clays) will be without delay and the gun pre-mounted if desired.
  • Participants must use the same gun for the entire program.
  • Removable insert sub-gauge tubes are allowed, but only one gauge may be used for the entire program.
  • Maximum score with handicap will be 99, only natural straights will score as 100.
  • Ties will be reconciled by reverse score
  • Shooters of all types of shotguns are invited to participate, but only shooters of side by side and pump action guns will receive prizes.
  • Reshoots are allowed, but will not count towards prizes.
  • Disputes must be brought to the attention of shoot management for a final decision. All decisions by management are final.


  • Pre-registration (until June 23rd): $30.00
  • Registration on day of shoot: $35.00
  • Reshoot fee (no prizes): $20.00
   **Lunch will follow the shoot (included in entrance fee)**

Please fill out the following information to pre-register for the tournament on June 30th and click the Submit button.
If you have any follow up questions or need to cancel the registration please email dgsc.vintagetournament@downersgrovesc.com
DGSC Vintage Tournament Image



*Please note your email and phone number will not be shared beyond the Chairs of the Tournament: Ed Shannon/Jan Gronych
Shooters Pre-registered
Dave Koch
Edward Shannon
Harv Shell
Rich Zeller
Chuck & Judy Novotny
bill ericksen
Dan Phillips
George Adelmann
Jim Lee
mark dachota
John Colwell
Jim Skinner
Rick Frey
Tim Donnell