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DGSC Calendar

Novmeber 2020

December 2020


Remember to wear face masks while inside, also the tables are spaced for a reason so please refrain from grouping them together at this time.

Next General Membership Senior Meeting Tenative December 20 9 AM (Hybrid Meeting, call in number/url will be supplied to all Senior Members)

2021 Calendar coming out soon!

 Download Entire Calendar Jan 2020 - Dec 2020

Listed below are the Board Meeting and General Membership Meeting Dates

Board Meetings - 1pm @ DGSC: 1/11/2020, 1/18/2020, 2/8/2020, 3/7/2020, 4/5/2020 (CONFERENCE CALL DUE TO COVID-19), 5/6/2020 (CONFERENCE CALL DUE TO COVID-19), 6/10/2020 (CONFERENCE CALL DUE TO COVID-19), 6/24/2020, 8/8/2020, 9/19/2020, 10/19/2020 (CONFERENCE CALL 7pm), 11/9/2020 (CONFERENCE CALL 7pm), 12/1/2020 (CONFERENCE CALL 7pm)

General Membership Meetings: 3/22/2020 (CANCEL DUE TO COVID-19), 5/##/2020 (CANCEL DUE TO COVID-19), 7/11/2020 1pm, 9/27/2020, 11/14/2020, 12/20/2020

Contact Information

                 If your interested in having an event at the club, please fill out a DGSC Usage Form and contact DGSC Board.

                 For questions or comments about this web site contact webmaster@downersgrovesc.com ->Email Webmaster click here.

                 For general questions regarding DGSC email dgsc@downersgrovesc.com -> Email DGSC click here.